How to Shop For an Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring is one of the most important parts of the proposal process. The ring has to be perfect and give the right impression. As you plan your proposal, you should make sure it is unique to you both and find a ring that your other half will love. After all, an … Read more

The History of Wedding Rings

When it comes to the topic of wedding rings, there is a lot of history behind them. Wedding rings have been around for centuries, and their meaning has evolved over time. In this blog post, we will explore the history of wedding rings and discuss how they have changed throughout the years. Stay tuned for … Read more

Why Get Custom Jewelry Made

GIA diamond and loupe Wide 1 1

This post looks at the benefits of choosing custom jewelry near me and designing your perfect piece of jewelry. Custom jewelry allows you to design a piece of jewelry that is unique to you and will enable you to express your style and passion in a way that stands out and is unique. From custom … Read more

Silver, Gold, Platinum Choosing Guide

Choosing Metal Types A variety of precious metal types are available for you to choose for your jewelry.They have different characteristic and price point that are briefly described below: Silver Family Silver is the first on the list of precious metals. It has the lightest white color and lower price point than other precious metals. … Read more

Customized Engagement Ring Buying Guide

We feel that the best way is to allow the groom-to-be or the couple to create a tailor made ring for the engagement. This option allows the ring to be intimately made and are sure to please with the thoughtful gesture. The engagement ring has a story of creation that is unique to you and … Read more

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