Customized Engagement Ring Buying Guide

We feel that the best way is to allow the groom-to-be or the couple to create a tailor made ring for the engagement.

This option allows the ring to be intimately made and are sure to please with the thoughtful gesture.

The engagement ring has a story of creation that is unique to you and your relationship. 

It is the ultimate surprise gift with all the unique details of what the fiance likes and what makes her special created into the ring.

The consideration for engagement rings can follow a few simple questions to narrow down to the right ring design for you.

Centerstone: Which Diamond Shape for the Ring?

Traditionally engagement rings are made with diamonds on white color metal.

For diamonds the first consideration can be for the shape of the diamond

A round diamond is the most in demand style, and the most indemand style also means the round diamond can be pricey compared to all the cuts of diamond.

Many attractive cuts are available which may give a significant  boost towards increasing the diamond carat size, color & clarity grade.

An alternative to round diamond can be: Princess cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, oval cut or pear cut.

Other cut that are called fancy cut include heart cut, marquis cut, emerald cut etc.

Because these cuts have diamond bottoms they can be very high in brilliance. Similar to the look of round brilliant cut diamonds.

Alternative Gemstone for the Centerstone

With that being said there are also beautiful engagement rings with other gemstones. 

The bride-to-be’s birthstone, Morganite or pink sapphire can be a great alternative option as well.

Choosing Diamond Grade & Size for The Engagement Ring

(Our recommendations/ standards for choosing and link to outside 4C article)

the 4C consideration for diamonds: Cut, Carat, Color, Clarity.

When choosing the center stone is done, we can choose the type of setting for the diamond as well as the ring band style.

Choosing the Engagement Ring Style

The type of diamond setting has some consideration factors like the strength of the setting and how the light enters the diamond to be reflected back into radiance.

Also the style considers modern or vintage, substantial looks or dianty looks that you can choose to reflect the bride’s personality.

The ring band allows some options: such as the Solitaire ring. Diamond band ring, Halo ring, crossover ring and modern design or antique styles.

Once the ring style is ready, the actual diamond setting can add personality & strength to the center diamond. 

Design Tip to Maximize Diamond Brilliance 

A tip for maximizing total diamond brilliance is to include smaller accent diamonds to the ring body or halo around the setting. This option can be a good value way to add diamond brilliance without significantly raising the budget. (When compared to the option of choosing higher carat on a single stone)

As many small diamonds are less rare than single diamonds with a big carat weight. The ring can have a higher total carat weight at a lower cost than a single diamond (solitaire ring style)

Choosing the Setting

Generally most settings are extremely strong and would not let the diamond come loose. If certain prongs or settings are damaged, they can be repaired & tightened easily with a small tune up at the jewelry store.

Marie - Platinum Diamond Ring (GR98)

Prong Setting Engagement Ring

The classic and iconic engagement ring settings are prong settings. Between the 4 prongs and 6 prongs setting style.

The prong setting also has many styles, as this is the most popular type of setting with many variations and signature looks.

Platinum Diamond Ring with 0.25 carat Diamond (GR80pt)

Bezel Setting Engagement Ring

Semi bezel Setting

Platinum Ring with 0.25ct Diamond (GR74pt)

Tension Setting Engagement Ring

Bar setting engagement ring

Once setting is chosen, most of the ring is now ready. One detail left is just the profile style of the ring.

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