Silver, Gold, Platinum Choosing Guide

Choosing Metal Types

A variety of precious metal types are available for you to choose for your jewelry.
They have different characteristic and price point that are briefly described below:

Silver Family

Silver is the first on the list of precious metals. It has the lightest white color and lower price point than other precious metals.

Silver has one of the longest history as a precious metal for jewelry making and still is one of the most popular metal.

Silver can tarnish with exposure to air and to sulphur which may be present in sweat for some people. Silver polish cloth can get rid of the tarnish and restore the shine easily. When not wearing for a long time, it is best to store silver jewelry in plastic ziplock bag.

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Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is the international standardized silver alloy for jewelry making at 92.5%. It balance strength and workability to create beautiful jewelry with high percentage of silver.

  • Beautiful silver color, can also be rhodium plated for protection.
  • Most affordable of the precious metal with good working property.
  • Can be made into any designs, also suitable for chunky jewelry.
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Platinet Silver

Platinet silver is an upgrade from the standard sterling silver a more recent development of alloy from the USA. It is 92.5% with the alloy being about 7% platinum.

  • A step up choice in between silver and gold.
  • Weigh similar to 9k gold and contain more precious metal.
  • More tarnish resistant than sterling silver

Gold Family

Gold is the most wellknown precious metal across culture and its properties are very suitable for jewelry making.

Pure gold is too soft for everyday wear, so most gold for jewelry comes in a gradation of standard gold purity. The standard types of gold for jewelry are: 22k (91.6%), 18k (75%), 14k (58.5%), 9k (37.5%)

The alloy add strength and allows gold to have many bright and warm color

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Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold brings out the natural color of gold as much as possible. It is an classic iconic look of gold that contrast well with gemstone colors and silver color metals.

  • Very high surface polish possible
  • Bright color with higher karat gold like 22k-18k
  • Beautiful accents to colored gemstones
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Rose Gold

Rose Gold is a popular gold color choice in the modern age. It ranges from red-orange to subtle pink color and provide the same strength as yellow gold if not higher.

  • Bright alternative color to yellow gold
  • Beautiful and delicate color that match well
  • High contrast with silver color and other metal
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White Gold

White Gold provides an understated traditional style of silver color jewelry. With more preciousness and weight.

White Gold also is the color for traditional engagement and wedding ring.

  • Makes diamonds visually white and bright
  • Rhodium plated for protection and white color
  • High intrinsic value with silver color

Platinum Family

Platinum has long been a less well known metal in jewelry making with a great reputation.

Platinum can be polish to the highest surface luster owing to having the highest strength of precious metals. Platinum can scratch, with the material moving from one place to another but without losing parts of it.

Many of the world’s famous diamonds are mounted only on Platinum. It is a good alternative to white gold and some times preferred over for wedding and engagement rings.

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Platinum has traditionally been much higher priced than gold, but more recent changes in the market brings the two closer in price range.

  • Heavier than gold with more possible luster
  • Grey metallic color that is unique to platinum
  • Long regarded as the highest precious metal
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A cousin to Platinum that is strong while being very light. Can be alloyed with white gold or make into jewelry on its own. Traditionally a lower cost alternative to platinum but since 2018 became much more rare.

  • Very light precious metal
  • Grey metallic color similar to platinum
  • Provide very good color and contrast to other metals
image 8 15

Palldium White Gold

White gold that has is alloyed with palladium. The unique combination provides a color similar to platinum and more desirable properties for white gold.

  • Platinum color without need for plating
  • More precious metal in white gold
  • Provide very good color and contrast to other metals

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