measurement tools for finding ring sizes

Ring Size Guide

The best way to get an accurate ring size is to visit a professional jeweler who can measure for you. If that is not available we have two easy ways to measure ring size at home for you. 

If you have a ring that fits on the finger you intend to wear a Nova ring already. Please follow the first method. Download this Ring Size Chart and print out the chart. Select “Actual Size” or “No Scaling” on your printing option. Then measure your ring’s inside edge against the images on the chart.

The second way is to measure the circumference of your finger with a flexible tape measure a string or scotch tape and ruler. Please be sure to use a material that does not stretch to ensure proper sizing. 

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Using Your Existing Ring

Please have a ring handy that fits your intended finger. Then print our the ring sizing guide on full size paper with the scaling/fitting option set to “none”. Then please follow the instuction on the guide. You can check if the print size is correct by lining up a ruler with the 2cm scale on the print out. Download ring size guide

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Using a Tape Measure 

Please have a flexible tape measure handy or a scotch tape or string. Please use the material to wrap around your finger. Make sure the 0 lines up with the number in mm if you use a tape measure. For a string or scotchtape please place it on a ruler to measure the length in mm. The number would be your ring size. Download Ring Scale Guide

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