Jewelry Repair Service

Over time your jewelry may need repolishing and restoration to return to its original shine. Often times seeking out a professional jeweler is the best choice for your jewelry repair needs. Our Chiang Mai studio can offer full jewelry repair service for a reasonable fee. You can bring your jewelry with you in person, or send us a message through email. Then our professional staff can provide an estimate of the repair for you.

We have restored many jewelry to like new condition for many type of jewerly including engagement ring, gold and silver jewelry and even antique or estate jewelry.

Jewelry polishing by hand tools

List of Common Repair Services

For inquiry into other repair work that is not included, please contact us with your detail to get an assessment and estimate.

Our Example Price List

  • Polishing : 400 Baht
  • Finishing : 700 Baht
    (*Recommended for White Gold*)
  • Gold Plating : 950 Baht
    (All color and carat of gold available)
  • Engraving (Text) : 400 Baht
  • Ring Re-sizing : 800 Baht
  • Reshape Bent Ring : 750 Baht
  • Set a small Gemstone/Diamond : 300 Baht
  • Retipping Prong and Tighten Setting : 650 Baht
  • Resolder/ Laser Spot Solder : 400 Baht

The example repair price may varies by size and complexity of item.

Jeweler setting gemstone on pendants

Complimentary Polish with Repair

When you have a jewelry piece that needs a repair including metalwork like soldering, reshaping and adding material, we will also include a complimentary polishing and rhodium plating free of charge.

Asa result this will ensure that your restored jewelry has a surface that shines like new, in addition to a protective layer to keep it in great condition. The rhodium plating is especially suitable for white gold and sterling silver, while platinum and yellow or rose gold do not need to be rhodium plated.

Instead of the highly polished finish, we can apply different surface finishes such as matte, brushed or sandblasted to your jewelry to match its original style.

To learn more about different surface finishes, you can read the explanation at Quick Jewelry Repairs

Gold diamond bracelet polishing

About Nova Workshop

We understand that jewelry can be high value and sentimental to the owner. For that reason at the workshop service at Nova your jewelry will be handled by a team of professional jeweler and staff. Therefore you can rest assured knowing your jewelry is secure at all times and will be return to you safely.

Our workshop use the highest quality of craftsmanship combine with state of the art technology. We will ensure the best standards of workmanship in both our repair and also our jewelry collection.

You can view example of before and after image of jewelry restoration on our gallery. Finally, to get an estimate for your repair, please email or contact us with your detail.

Consideration For Jewelry Repair

When considering to repair a jewelry piece, it is often good to check with the jewelry store where it was purchased. Most likely they can service the repair as part of a warranty, or provide suggestion for material types and repair.

All jewelry purchased from Nova shop comes with a lifetime repair, maintenance, and polishing service free of charge.

nova collection shop interior
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