Jewelry Polishing

It is one of the most simple of jewelry repair process that has the most impact on appearance of the jewelry.

Jewelry pieces like ring or bracelet may had come into contact with many surface through regular wear and over time accumulate tiny scratches that dulls the surface. They can be clean and polished by our professional jeweler back to like new condition.

For most repair metalwork we will include a complimentary polish and rhodium plating if applicable. This treatment will restore the shine and add a protective layer to the outside to keep its condition longer. 

Polishing and Plating

The most iconic look for jewelry is the high polished diamond ring. The mirrored finish of the ring complement the sparkle of the diamond. While diamond can retain its brilliance forever, the ring can become dull from regular wear over many years. This can be observe most clearly on the underside of the ring where we rest our hand and tends to be dulled from wear first. 

A simple repolishing professionally done can restore the surface of jewelry to its original brillance. 

Gold diamond bracelet polishing
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